Blood cancer is spreading rapidly in children under the age of 15 years


Cancer patients are growing rapidly around the world. Cancer is a life-style disease that means that these diseases are increasing in humans due to their irregular lifestyle and bad eating habits. But gradually the disease has become genetic, i.e. small children are also suffering from this dangerous and deadly disease. About 5% of all cases of cancer in India are from children under 15 years of age.
Cancer has now become a disease that can affect any part of the body. On this basis, more than one hundred types of cancer have been identified so far. But let us tell you that most cancer patients in children are victims of the same type of disease and that is blood cancer. This means blood cancer or leukemia in children and children in India is growing rapidly. It is difficult to identify the symptoms of this disease in children.

What is leukemia or blood cancer?

Leukemia is the earliest stage of a kind of blood cancer. It can be treated easily, but only when it is known at the beginning of the disease. If not treated at the right time, then it is a dangerous and deadly disease. During leukemia’s time, diagnosis and treatment can save you from cancer.

Symptoms of leukemia or blood cancer

In children, it is difficult to identify the symptoms of leukemia. But by meditating on these symptoms if you contact the doctor immediately, then you will probably be able to save your children from this dangerous disease.

  1. Frequent infection of the same type
  2. High fever
  3. The patient’s immune system weakens.
  4. Feeling fatigue and weakness at all times
  5. Anemia
  6. Complaining of bleeding from the nose and gums etc.
  7. Pain in the joints of the body
  8. Complaints of pain in bones
  9. Swelling in different parts of the body.
  10. Having lever related problems
  11. Frequent headache Or migraine complaint
  12. Many times the patient seems mentally disturbed by having frequent confusion.
  13. Feeling vomiting or having vomiting
  14. Complications of rhesus in the skin
  15. Unexpected weight loss
  16. Not feeling hungry
  17. If your wound is taking too much time to fill

Blood cancer spreads rapidly

Although early symptoms of leukemia are flu and many other serious illnesses, but when leukemia begins to grow, all the above-mentioned problems start to occur. Sometimes these problems are ignored then these tumor cells spread to other parts of the body. By which the body starts to appear abnormally swollen and the body seems to be very crappy. If you can identify the symptoms of leukemia at the right time and get treatment, then you can get out of the risk of leukemia.

Leukemia is a dangerous disease

Leukemia cells directly affect blood very much. Although symptoms of leukemia can be easily identified, but those who ignore the symptoms of leukemia and do not take timely treatment of leukemia, their life can last up to four years only. However this also depends on the age of the patient, the resistance and the type of leukemia. Do you know that leukemia i.e. blood cancer is treated only on the basis of leukemia?

Blood cancer is spreading rapidly in children under the age of 15 years

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